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Albuquerque Islamic Center (AIC) was founded in 2014 under the New Mexico Nonprofit Act Ch.53, Art. 8, NMSA 1978, as a Federal 501c(3) nonprofit organization. The primary focus of AIC is to provide religious, educational, and social services, based on the teachings and civics of Islam throughout the Islamic center (Mosque). The foundation realizes that some of its members may face a multitude of barriers preventing their integration into society; most notably cultural, language, and/or skillset ones. As such, AIC aims not only to provide religious guidance throughout the Islamic center (Mosque), but also to overcome such life barriers by providing counseling services, job training, and skill redirection and rehabilitation classes with the goal of enabling a faster and smoother integrate into society. AIC also realizes that its sustainability lies in building a united community and raising a strongly dedicated youth generation, capable of leading and securing the future of the establishment. As such, the Foundation pledges a large portion of its efforts towards achieving that goal. AIC has therefore adopted the slogan “Building a Community, Raising Leaders”.

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